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Home appliance production line

Robotic home appliance production line

In manufacturing industries such as home appliances, robots have found a wide special place.

  Home appliance factories like kitchen appliances & …, are industries that cannot be replaced by any other industry.

The production process of these industries must be up to date and its quality must always be updated and improved.

  Due to the diversity of Iranian households, these industries have achieved a good position today.

  Kitchen utensils and toilet of a house should be of quality production and at the same time suitable for the tastes and desires of customers.

Many years have passed since the use of copper utensils in Iranian kitchens, and now, after all these years, their use has resumed in families. Therefore, in production of these dishes, many things should have been done.

An example of an appliance in which robotic technology can be used is non-stick Teflon container companies. The use of modern equipment and machinery and the application of robotics in these industries are among the things that to increase the production of quality products and provide customer satisfaction and reduce the damage caused by work in these production lines for employees, is very important.

Appliance polishing is another application that can be used in robotic discussions. In fact, polishing is one of the important applications of industrial robots in this field.

Teflon coating robot

An industrial robot arm can be used to cover Teflon containers as well as to polish surfaces such as teapots and kettles. The applications of industrial robots are very broad from this discussion. If you are interested in staying in the consumer market and competition areas of home appliances, you should benefit from the science of the day, which is robotics. Experience has shown that when a company does not use modern science and technology to update its product lines, it stops production in the shortest possible time and leaves the field to competitors. Famous brands of audio-visual technologies that they had in production have disappeared from the production page due to not keeping up with the latest technology. Now, after several years, being up-to-date and in sync with robotics in the industry, causes the continuity and stay in the consumer market.

Low cost of service and maintenance and reduction of manpower costs and of course and most importantly, reduction of costs due to injury to employees are the reasons for using robotics in this industry.

Why use robotic arms

The release of toxic fumes from Teflon containers when exposed to very high temperatures can cause irreparable damage to operators, so the use of robotic technology that reduces the role of operators in this production line can greatly reduce the potential risks Also, increasing the accuracy and quality of the product and increasing the efficiency are other benefits of using these lines.