M-10i Series


M 10iA 12S

The Fanuc M-10iA/12S has the best payload and inertia in its class!  It may have a shorter reach than the M-10iA/12, but don't count this robot out yet! The M-10iA/12S's 1098mm reach, with a slim and hollow arm and wrist, is perfect for accessing difficult angles and narrow spaces.  

This robot is ideal for high speed loading and unloading, with advanced servo motors that keep it moving smoothly all year round. It can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, angle, or wall.  This M-10iA/12S has a 12kg payload and comes with the advanced R-30iB controller.  

If you are looking for a short-arm robot for all of your loading and unloading needs, the FANUC M-10iA/12S is the way to go!


M 10iA 12

The Fanuc M-10iA/12 R-30iB is a light weight handling robot that can handle up to 12kg.  This robot comes with the advanced R-30iB controller and has a reach of 1420 mm. 

Like many robots in the FANUC line, the M-10iA/12 is versatile, with a hollow arm design that allows integrated cabling. This protects the cables, makes maintenance easier, and cuts down on the amount of maintenance needed over time, saving money. 

Another benefit of the hollow arm is the high productivity and shortened cycle times of the M-10iA/12, due to the rigid arm and servo motors, which increase speed during operation.

If you are looking for a high speed robot for light weight handling, the Fanuc M-10iA/12 robot is just what you need.  


M 10iA 10S

Great for a variety of applications, the FANUC M-10iA/10S might be a short arm, but it has a great might! The FANUC M-10iA/10S has a 10kg payload and +/- 0.05 repeatability, with the highest wrist moments and inertia in its class, making it a high performance industrial robot.

The M-10iA/10S has cable routing integrated and is easy to maintain. By integrating the cable, the M-10iA/10S has less wear and tear on its cabling, which cuts down on maintenance costs over the life of the robot. It also offers great flexibility with a variety of mounting options, optimizing the robot's angle during operation. The small footprint allows it to fit in tight work spaces.

With advanced servo technology, the FANUC M-10iA/10S will provide precision and reliability to your automation needs.


M 10iA 10MS

The FANUC M-10iA/10MS is a high speed robot ideal for a variety of applications, including material handlingbonding/sealingpackagingcutting, and more!  

The M-10iA/10MS can carry up to 10kg, giving it the best payload ratio in its class, and it has a reach of 1101mm -- a perfect space-saver.  Speaking of space, the versatile mounting options for the FANUC M-10iA/10MS give manufacturers’ versatility in their system layout. The advanced FANUC M-10iA/10MS comes equipped with an R-30iB controller.  

If you are looking for a high speed, versatile robot, the FANUC M-10iA/10MS is a great fit.