M-3iA Series


M 3iA 12HThe FANUC M-3iA/12H is known as a "spider" robot.  Great for high speed picking, the FANUCM3ia/12H R30iB can rapidly enhance your production.  The FANUC M 3ia/12H comes equipped with an R-30iB controller and has an IP Rating of IP67.


M 3iA 6SThe FANUC M-3iA/6S is a high speed picking robot.  The M3iA/6S is a 4 axis model that features a single axis wrist rotation.  This model also includes Visual Line Tracking. 

The FANUC M3iA 6S robot features a 6kg payload and is IP67 rated to be water and dust proof.


M 3iA 6AThe FANUC M-3iA/6A features 6 rotational axes at the wrist.  The FANUC M3iA/6A is ideal for high speed picking and assembly operations.  The M 3iA/6A features a 6kg payload and can be mounted on the ceiling.