S-900 Series


S 900WThe FANUC S-900W is a six-axis robot designed for material handling and heavy duty spot weldingapplications. Its high speed and precise movements make the S 900W perfect for cutting cycle times and increasing your shops productivity.

The S900W can use either the RJ or RJ2 controller.


S 900L The FANUC S-900L RJ is a long armed robot material handling and spot welding robot. With a reach of 3033mm and a payload capacity of 165kg, the S900L RJ is a heavy duty robot that is able to handle large payloads.

The S900L has the flexibility to work in more than one station at a time, which means that manufacturers can utilize this robot to take over dual stations, speeding up production in two different areas. 

The S900L robot from FANUC uses an RJ controller, and it would be a perfect addition to any shop.


S 900iAWThe FANUC S-900iAW is a 6--axis industrial robot.

This robot has a payload of 400Kg and a 2.488mm reach.

It comes equipped with a RJ3 controller.  This robot is used for heavy parts handling.

The Fanuc S-900iAW R-J3 is a reliable, very heavy duty industrial robot.


S 900iWThe FANUC S-900iW RJ3 is a heavy duty robot ideal for high payload applications. The S-900iW is capable of lifting heavy parts and products, which is a great way to cut down on worker strain and injury, while also improving production uptime. 

As heavy duty robots go, the FANUC S900iW is one of the best. This robot is able to speed up your heavy lifting applications dramatically over manual processes. It improves the accuracy and functionality of applications as well.