S-420 Series


S 420iWThe FANUC S-420iW is a heavy duty industrial robot. With a large work envelope and high payload capacity, the S420iW R-J2 is ideal for applications such as automotive spot welding and material handling.

The FANUC S-420iW R-J2 features an increased payload capacity for maximum flexibility. High motion speeds reduce time between welds and the low mass arm design allows high speed positioning from the S-420iW.


S 420iLPart of a family of six-axis articulated, electric servo driven robots, the FANUC S-420iL features a reduced payload capacity and larger work envelope. The S-420iL is ideal for spot welding and material handling applications, the S-420iL delivers high-speed, superior performances.

The S-420iL can use either the R-J2 or R-J3 FANUC Controller.

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