The KUKA KR C3 offers the same drive technology in a smaller format. The 31kg cabinet of the KUKA KR C3 is powered by an Intel Celeron processor. It uses technology-oriented application programming to interact with KUKA robots. It is IP 20 rated and operates with the KCP hand-programming unit. DeviceNet and CAN are standard, while INTERBUS is an optional feature.

The KR C3 is the compact PC-based controller that is easy to interface and expand. You can increase its functionality by incorporating 3rd party software and PC boards. The KR C3 speeds up problem solving by allowing diagnostics to be performed remotely via the Internet. Other features include:

Standard KUKA controller software

KCP Windows-based teach pendant

Built-in Ethernet


Type KR C3
Standards and specifications

DIN EN 292, DIN EN 418, DIN EN 614--1, DIN EN 775,

DIN EN 954, DIN EN 50081--2, DIN EN 50082--2,

DIN EN 60204--1,

Protection classification IP 20
Ambient temperature during operation 278 K bis/to 313 K
Maximum number of axes 6
Weight approx 31 kg
Color of cabinet, front doors, inside dark gray, metallic silver, inside galvanized
Rated supply voltage acc 1 x 110 -- 230 V AC (99 V -- 253 V)
Power frequency 49 -- 61 Hz
Rated connected load 850 VA
Mains--side fusing min 16 A
Networks DeviceNet, CAN, INTERBUS
Permissible connecting cable lengths 7 m