R-30iB Series

R-30iB Open Air

Ideal for M1, M2, M3 and LR Mate robots, this unit is powerful. Built for office or very dirty/humid environments, it can be rack mounted into another cabinet and is stackable for multi-robot cells.

R-30iB Mate Cabinet

Powerful and self-contained, this is the ideal choice for smaller robots and has been designed specifically for M series and LR-Mate robots.

R-30iB B Cabinet

R 30iB B cab

This model contains the same technology as the A-Cabinet, but with ample space for additional amplifiers or I/O modules. It is perfectly suited to industrial environments.

R-30iB A Cabinet

FANUC’s standard controller, the A-Cabinet is FANUC's compact and stackable solution. Perfectly suited to industrial environments, it is designed for limited/2 aux. axes.