R-J3 Series


R J3iC

The high performance FANUC RJ3iC robot controller provides a level of intelligence never offered before. Robot vibration is eliminated through a new vibration control function, and acceleration / deceleration times are increased. Precision control is offered for up to 40 axes of motion, including up to 4 robots and 16 auxiliary axes.

The RJ3iC adds enhancements to several types of automation processes. Spot welding applications are optimized through the automatic coordination of servo guns and robot motion. Integrated vision, dubbed iRVision, adds functionality and intelligence, without adding additional hardware and programming. This streamlines integration and increases the reliability of the system.


R J3iBFANUC Robotics’ SYSTEM R-J3iB Controller uses advanced technology packaged in a proven, reliable and efficient controller design. Process capability and open architecture features provide intelligence to improve application and motion performance while simplifying system integration.

SYSTEM R-J3iB Controller incorporates FANUC Robotics’ unique “plug-in options” concept, which allows flexibility for application specific configurations while maintaining a commonality for all users of the system.

Hardware Features/Benefits

Multi-processor architecture permits concurrent operations, reduces program execution times and increases path accuracy.

Quick change servo amplifier improves maintainability and controller uptime.

Distributed and network I/O options reduce system and integration costs and simplify troubleshooting.

Provides extensive line of compact I/O modules for both digital and analog signals.

Standard iPendant with multiwindow and internet browser interface.

System Features/Benefits

■ ANSI/RIA safety circuits standard.

■ Ergonomically designed, light-weight teach pendant with large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

■ High-speed, precision control of up to 16 axes of motion.

■ Auxiliary axes options can support up to five separate motion groups, each with its own control program and simple kinematic models.

■ Multi-tasking operating system allows execution of several concurrent user programs.

■ Advanced storage, communications and networking capabilities include built-in Ethernet and PCMCIA interfaces.

Process Features/Benefits

■ AccuPath provides enhanced path tracking during linear and circular motion while minimizing speed variations.

■ Instant trigger response (1ms) increases repeatability and improves tracking performance.

■ Collision detection minimizes potential damage to the robot or end-of-arm tooling.

■ Zone I/O provides application flexibility by monitoring and controlling robot interface signals independent of the taught path.

■ TurboMove provides minimal cycle time by computing robot dynamics in real-time.