FANUC Softwares


HandlingPRO is a member of FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE family of offline robot simulation software products built on the Virtual Robot Controller. HandlingPRO allows users to simulate a robotic process in 3-D space or conduct feasibility studies for robotic applications without the physical need and expense of a prototype work cell setup.



FANUC PaintPRO software is a graphical offline programming solution that simplifies robotic path teach and paint process development. PaintPRO is specifically designed to create paths that can be utilized by FANUC PaintTool application software.


ROBOGUIDE-PalletPRO and PalletTool

FANUC America provides two software packages that help save time and expense for the development and integration of robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems. PalletPRO simulation software can be used to completely build, debug and test a palletizing application offline.The data created in PalletPRO can then be downloaded to a real robot controller containing the PalletTool software.



WeldPRO, FANUC’s latest plug-in to the ROBOGUIDE off-line programming tool, allows users to simulate a robotic arc welding process in 3-D space. Driven exclusively by a FANUC Virtual Robot Controller, WeldPRO is empowered with the most accurate program teaching tools and cycle time information available in any simulation package.

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