IRB 6620 series

IRB 6620

IRB 6620

Its unique design makes it possible to mount the robot floor standing, shelf, inverted or in tilted positions. The IRB 6620 is a flexible and agile robot with a large working envelope.

IRB 6620 is also suited for machine tending applications such as Die Casting and Injection Molding that requires minimized extraction time.

The IRB 6620 is a 6--axis industrial robot that has a mechanical weight of 900kg.

This robot has a payload of 150Kg and a 2.2mm reach.


Features and benefits:

Compact - Increased robot density 

Reliable - High production up time

Fast – Short cycle times

Strong – Maximized utilization

Robust – Collision resistant design

Versatile – Four robots in one


 Main Applications

Machine Tending

Material Handling

Spot Welding

IRB 6620-LX

IRB 6620 LX

ABB's IRB 6620LX combines the advantages of both a linear axis and a 5 axis robot, resulting in a 6-axis robot with a 150 kg payload capacity, large scalable work envelope and the inherent flexibility of ABB's proven articulated arm robots.

It is designed with high performance and reliability in mind resulting in increased productivity and high utilization.

Handling tasks can be solved easier, more flexible and costeffective compared with customized linear handling systems.

In addition, the IRB 6620LX is well suited for applications such as power train assembly, heavy arc welding, grinding, and gluing.

The IRB 6620 is a 6--axis industrial robot that has a mechanical weight of 610 kg, This robot has a 1.9m reach.

The IRB 6620LX is targeted at various machine tending and material handling applications, including injection molding and die casting machines.



Machine tending

Material handling

Powertrain assembly

Arc welding