IRB 6000 series

IRB 6000

IRB 6000

Looking for a cost efficient robotics system for your factory automation, the ABB IRB 6000 is designed to save you money.

The ABB IRB 6000S4C allows customized configurations of the standard modular design that reduces the cost of set up, maintenance, parts, and training. With a 120kg (265 lbs) handling capacity and 2.4m (94 in) reach, the IRB 6000S4C will cover an assortment of application requirements. Handling capacity can be increased to 150kg (330 lbs) with another wrist and the IRB 6000 offers different versions for single point welding and press tending applications.

There are 4 main model types of the IRB6000 arm available, prices can depend on the availability of a certain model, for example the 3m version is comparatively rare: Payload Reach Notes 120kg 2.4m. The standard IRB 6000 model 150kg 2.4m Fitted with uprated axis 4 motor and modified parameters - some axis slightly slower 100kg 2.8m Fitted with 404mm extension in the upper arm and modified parameters to give increased reach - at the expense of payload and lower speed 75kg 3.0m Fitted with 606mm extension in the upper arm and modified parameters to give even more reach


Electron Beam


Material Handling


Spot Welding