IRB 5500 series

IRB 5500-22

IRB 5500 22

FlexPainter - A new way of exterior painting.

The unique design and configuration of the wall mounted FlexPainter IRB 5500-22 has created the largest and most flexible robot working envelope for any paint robot. 

It takes two FlexPainter IRB 5500-22s to handle jobs that up until now have required four paint robots. The results are lower cost, faster installation, high uptime and reliability.

The FlexPainter IRB 5500-22 is specifically designed for ABB’s efficient FlexBell Cartridge System (CBS). The loss during color change is close to zero. It is the best solution for non-batch painting and multiple colors.



Faster return on investment

Improved reliability of a complete automation system

Increased flexibility for new processes and new vehicle models

Reduced size and environmetal impact of robotic paint booths

Reduced required booth length and width for a robotic paint system

Reduced air handling volumes for ventilation

Reduced emissions from booth exhausts

Reduced machine programming efforts, in time and personnel requirements

IRB 5500-25

IRB 5500 25

The Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500-25 system is one of the most advanced paint solutions available on the market. Ideally suited for both interior and exterior automotive painting as well as other paint applications. The system expands the flexibility of the IRB 5500-25 FlexPainter, which is the most versatile working envelope of any paint robot. 

Designed for Stop & Go automotive paint lines, the Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500-25 increases the flexibility on these types of lines and allows for easy repositioning of the robot. It is able to accommodate most car body sizes which has the added advantage of potentially reducing the number of robots on a paint line. This added flexibility and the ability to place the robot in an optimal position directly contributes to reducing cycle times by up to 10%.

The integrated ABB dynamic modelling for all axes lowers energy consumption, increases accuracy and provides a fully synchronized and balanced paint robot motion.

Features and benefits:

Extends unique features of IRB 5500-25, such as fully integrated process and motion- control.

Supports up to four robots on a single rail

Maximum flexibility for use with a variety of applications

Total height (dog house) 1123 mm