IRB 4000 series

IRB 4450S

IRB 4450S

The IRB 4450S is the shelf robot version in the IRB 4400 robot family. It has the same good accuracy and cycle time performance as other IRB 4400, but is able to work downwards for mounting on top of e.g. die casting or injection moulding machines.

This robot has a payload of 30Kg and a 2400mm reach.

The versatile, high-performance shelf robot's unyielding construction makes for long intervals between routine maintenance. The ABB IRB 4450SS4C is proven robot for good accuracy and cycle time performance.

The IRB 4450SS4C has very high levels of reliability. The ABB IRB 4450S has a strong, forceful design making it able to maximize utilization and stand the harshest of environments.