IRB 52 1 2m

A compact painting specialist.

The IRB 52 / 1.2m is a compact painting robot designed specifically for painting small and medium sized parts in a wide range of industries.

With its small size and impressive reach (1.2 meters), it is flexible and versatile, while its high speed and accuracy offers short cycle times.

This robot can be mounted in various locations including floor, inverted, wall, tilted and has a wide reach, and ability to handle large payloads.

It includes ABB’s unique integrated paint system, IPS.

IRB 52 / 1.2m has high speed in all axes delivering improved cycle times.

The IRB 52 comes in two variants:

IRB 52 / 1.2 m

   Reach: 1.2m, payload: 7kg, weight: 250 mm

IRB 52 / 1.45 m

    Reach: 1.45m, payload: 7kg, weight: 250 mm