The flexible and efficient robot arm

Roberta is a 6-axis collaborative robot. It’s designed with the aim to build a really lightweight robot capable to move along the working area without any difficulties. With a weight of 19.5 kg, it can handle a payload as high as 8.0 kg.

 Roberta comes in three different sizes, with payload of 4kg, 8kg, and 12 kg. The sizes also vary in reach, with 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm respectively.

The Roberta family of collaborative robot arms are used for larger payloads.

The lightweight robots use custom-made brushless motors and harmonic drives. They come with an optional force/torque sensor, and an optional safety package. The robot’s links are made of aluminum and covered with plastic coating. The robot has no torque sensors in its joints, unlike Kuka’s LBR iiwa.

Roberta is easy to program. This way, the coworker is able to commission any task to the robot without any knowledge of programming and only going over the movement for a couple of minutes.

In conclusion the main Characteristics of this robot are:

* Lightweight

* 6 degrees of freedom

* CGood payload to structural weight ratio

* Inexpensive