Collaborative Series



The flexible and efficient robot arm

Roberta is a 6-axis collaborative robot. It’s designed with the aim to build a really lightweight robot capable to move along the working area without any difficulties. With a weight of 19.5 kg, it can handle a payload as high as 8.0 kg.

 Roberta comes in three different sizes, with payload of 4kg, 8kg, and 12 kg. The sizes also vary in reach, with 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm respectively.

The Roberta family of collaborative robot arms are used for larger payloads.

The lightweight robots use custom-made brushless motors and harmonic drives. They come with an optional force/torque sensor, and an optional safety package. The robot’s links are made of aluminum and covered with plastic coating. The robot has no torque sensors in its joints, unlike Kuka’s LBR iiwa.

Roberta is easy to program. This way, the coworker is able to commission any task to the robot without any knowledge of programming and only going over the movement for a couple of minutes.

In conclusion the main Characteristics of this robot are:

* Lightweight

* 6 degrees of freedom

* CGood payload to structural weight ratio

* Inexpensive



YuMi: The world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot

In 1974, ABB introduced the IRB 6 robot and kick-started the modern industrial robotics era. It was the first commercially available industrial robot to feature all-electric drive and microprocessor control. Since then, the form factor and functionality of industrial robots has remained largely the same.


Robot Version                                                           Reach Payload                                                     Armload
IRB 14000-0.5/0.5                                                      500 mm 500 g                                                      No armload
Main features
IRB 14000 – 0.5/0.5
Payload                                                                                          0.5 kg per arm
Reach                                                                                             559 mm
Accuracy                                                                                         0.02 mm
Footprint                                                                                          399 mm * 497 mm
Customer interface                                                                          Foot interface
Weight                                                                                             38 kg
Mounting position                                                                            Table
Temperature                                                                                    5 C – 40 C deg
IP Protection                                                                                    IP 30
Clean room / food grade                                                                  No


We give you YuMi

The world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot

Before YuMi

Industrial robots were largely confined to cages

Humans and robots worked separately

After YuMi

Robots and humans can work side by side YuMi literally removes the barriers to collaboration by making it possible to operate without safety fencing and cages

Inherently safe System of automated small parts assembly

Axis movement                                                        range speed                                                              Max. Velocity
Axis 1 rotation                                                        -168.5° to 168. 5°                                                        180°/s
Axis 2 arm                                                               -143.5° to 43.5°                                                           180°/s
Axis 3 arm                                                               -123.5° to 80.0°                                                           180°/s
Axis 4 wrist                                                             -290.0° to 290.0°                                                          400°/s
Axis 5 bend                                                             -88.0° to 138.0°                                                            400°/s
Axis 6 turn                                                              -229.0° to 229.0°                                                          400°/s
Axis 7 rotation                                                        -168.5° to 168.5°                                                          180°/s

* Space-saving

No need to alter existing working environments

With a human-sized profile, YuMi was intentionally designed to resemble its human counterpart.

 It has a compact body and requires no more space than a standard workstation for humans.

* Human-robot Collaboration

Automating the processes that still require humans to be part of the solution and can’t be fully automated with existing technology. A complete system of collaboration makes for simpler programming, meaning factories don’t need as many engineering resources.

* More efficient and better

Automation with minimized safety risks and in compact spaces makes for easier factory installation utilizing existing floor space. Even partial automation of assembly lines results in much faster production.

* Programming so easy anyone could do it

With YuMi’s Lead-Through Programming technology, the complexity of traditional programming becomes a thing of the past. In fact, programming is so easy that anyone can do it intuitively – without special training or programming skills.

* Higher quality less waste

When humans and robots work together, it often results in surpassing the precision and speed of human-only work, resulting in higher quality products and less waste.

* Elevating the nature of work

Robots do the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs, allowing people to do the jobs that are less physically demanding. As people increasingly seek more mentally rewarding jobs, collaborative robots simultaneously make workplaces more appealing and replace the manufacturing skills that are disappearing from the workforce.


  • The fifth-generation, integrated IRC5 controller with True Move and Quick Move™ motion control technology commands accuracy, speed, cycle-time, programmability and synchronization with external devices.
  • I/O interfaces include Ethernet IP, Profibus, USB ports, DeviceNet™, communication port, emergency stop and air-to-hands. YuMi accepts a wide range of HMI devices including ABB’s teach pendant, industrial displays, commercially available tablets and smartphones.
  • The 100-240 volt power supply plugs into any power socket for worldwide versatility.

Integrated signal and power supply                               24V Ethernet or 4 Signals
Integrated air supply                                                       1 per Arm on tool Flange (4 Bar)

Integrated ethernet                                                          One 100/10 Base-TX Ethernet

                                                                                            port/per arm

Position repeatability                                                       0.02
Robot mounting                                                               Table
Degree of protection                                                         IP30
Controllers                                                                        Integrated


  • Can operates equally effectively side-by-side or face-to-face with human coworkers.
  • Servo grippers (the “hands”) include options for built-in cameras
  • Real-time algorithms set a collision-free path for each arm customized for the required task.
  • Padding protects coworkers in high-risk areas by absorbing force if contact is made.
  • If the robot encounters an unexpected object – even a slight contact with a coworker – it can pause its motion within milliseconds, and the motion can be restarted again as easily as pressing play on a remote control.
  • Pinch points have been eliminated or minimized to an acceptable level between moving parts, and between moving and stationary parts.