Arc Mate 120iC Series

Arc Mate 120iC

ArcMate 120iC

The FANUC Arc Mate120iC is a high-speedarc welding and cutting, six-axis industrial robot.  Longer reach and payload than its predecessors increase the work envelope and payload capacity make theFANUC Arc Mate120iC an ideal welding robot for any automated manufacturing floor.

Because of its simple and reliable build, the FANUC 120iC R-30iA weldingrobot provides accurate and consistent path performance.  Even with the increase in payload, the ArcMate120iC build remains slim and compact. The ArcMate 120iC arm is constructed for strength and rigidity, with a hollow wrist and internally routed cabling to provide better part accessibility and minimize hazards.  The process specific design of theArcMate120iC R-30iAwas made to protect the weld torch cable from the wire feeder to the torch goose neck, allowing programs to be tested without compensating the torch cable.

TheArcMate120iC Fanuc robotis controlled by the R-30iA.  It also has a built-in collision detection system keeps it from running into external objects, endangering themselves or other equipment.  This robot includes Vision Shift making the transition from off-line programming to the actual site with ease.  The 120iC ArcMateFanuc Robotsalso come with the ROBOGUIDE-WeldPRO simulation package.

Arc Mate 120iC/10L

The FANUC ArcMate 120iC/10L is the long arm version its series. An extended horizontal reach of 2,009 millimeters gives the Arc Mate 120iC/10L a wide work envelope. A 10 kilogram maximum payload capacity provides the FANUC 120iC/10L R-30iA arc welding robot more than enough strength to hold and maneuver an arc welding torch.

The ArcMate 120iC/10L R-30iA welding robot has extremely fast wrist axes which reduces aircut times, resulting in improved throughput.  If you want an arc weldingrobot that features the highest motion speeds in its class for maximum production and performance, the FANUC ArcMate 120iC 10L is a great choice.

Arc Mate 120iC/12L

ArcMate 120iC 12L

The FANUC ArcMate 120iC/12L is specifically designed for arc welding.  It is the highest motion performance robot for its class.  Featuring a hollow wrist for the torch cable integration, unique wrist design, and 12kg payload, this robot produces at the utmost speed while providing easy management.

The Arc Mate120iC/12L has a long arm, allowing a reach up to 2009mm.  If you are looking for an advanced arc welding robot to reach far spaces, this is the perfect fit.