Arc Mate 120iB Series

Arc Mate 120iB

Suitable for high-speed welding and cutting processes, the FANUC ArcMate 120iBis a six-axis robotic arm that is servo-driven. The FANUC 120iB R-J3iB welding robot provides accurate and consistent path performance based on its simple and reliable construction.

In addition to high-speed cutting and welding, theArc Mate 120iBis capable of performing a variety of welding applications, including MIG welding,TIG welding, Plasma welding and Plasma cutting.  

The 120iB is the best in its class for reach versus stroke ratio and fastest motion speeds. The exceptionally fast wrist axes reduce air cut times, and the ArcMate has an extremely large work envelopes and complex tooling.

The FANUC ArcMate 120iB uses the FANUC R-J3iB controller and has a user-friendly teach pendant, making training easier. The system has the ability to be equipped with an air-cooled welding torch, ArcLink interface, safety holder and wire feeder.

Overall, the ArcMate 120iB can decrease cycle times and increase consistency, improving the quality of the weld.

Arc Mate 120iB/10L

The extended reach FANUC Arc Mate 120iB/10L performs arc welding and cutting applications with ease. A horizontal reach of 1,885 millimeters and a +/- 0.1 millimeter repeatability ensure that parts large and small receive extremely accurate welds and cuts. TheFanuc ArcMate 120iB/10L R-J3iBarc welding robot has a reduced maximum payload capacity of 10 kilograms.

Arc Mate 120iB/10LT

The FANUC ArcMate 120iB/10LT is a six-axis, overhead rail-mounted robot that provides accurate and consistent path performance necessary for welding and cutting.

The Arc Mate 120iB / 10LT R-J3iB industrial robot features the ability to interface with most types of servo driven or indexing positioners while brushless AC servo motors reduce motor maintenance. Fail-safe brakes on all six axes provide added safety to this "mobile" robot that has the ability to service multiple fixtures or large parts, making the ArcMate 120iB a popular robot. Modular rails can be attached to standalone support columns with variable height attachment.

Arc Mate 120iBe

TheArc Mate 120iBe Fanuc weldingrobot has six axes, a remarkable reach/stroke ratio and elevated axis speeds. The controller has been integrated into the base of the robot to simplify installation and conserve production floor space. AllFANUC120iBe R-J3iC basicarc weldingrobotic software features are supported to provide superior performance for simple and complexarc welding applications.

TheFANUC ArcMate 120iBe is the solution for cost effectivearc welding. High axis speeds enhances product output and fast wrist axes reduces aircut times. TheArcMate 120iBe R-J3iC is available with 2 or 6 brakes.