P Series


P 10

The FANUC P-10 is a unique three-axis robot that is designed to open automobile doors with a maximum door opening pull force of 60 lbf. It is used in conjunction with other FANUC painting robots in order to fully automate a painting assembly line. The P10 mounts directly on rails while maintaining independent motion through use of its own rail drive motor.

The inner- and outer-arms of the FANUC P 10 RJ2 are driven by two additional servo motors. The vertical articulation design conserves space.


P 15

Designed specifically for opening automobile hood and deck lids to accommodate robotic interior painting, the FANUC P-15 Hood/Deck Opener is a 3 axis, vertically articulated robot. The FANUC P-15 Door Opener is mounted on the robots rail yet maintains independent motion through its own rail drive motor. The FANUC P-15 uses either the R-J2 or R-J3 controller.

The FANUC P-15 painting robot features two additional servo motors drive the inner and outer arm, supplying in/out and up/down motions.  It requires less booth space and is engineered for high-speed moving line applications.  Tooling is easily removed for cleaning and system uptime improved by reduced maintenance design.


P 50

The robot P-50 of Fanuc Robotics is a compact robot designed to provide a precise solution, reliable and viable for applications of painting and sealed of a big variety of pieces, including components for the automotive sector.

This reduced size is ideal for companies with limitations of space. The P-50 offers an easy configuration and maintenance, with a big area of work, and some fast accelerations, that involves a decrease of the time of cycle, as well as a reduction in the costs of production.
It has of a modular construction, is servo controlled electrically and can work in aggressive
environments. It has six axes, the maximum load is of 7, 5 kg, the reach of 1039 mm and the repeatability of ±1 mm.


P 50i

Engineered to provide a precise, reliable, and affordable solution for coating a variety of consumer goods, the used Fanuc P-50i robot is vital to the manufacturing of appliances and automotive components. All surfaces are protected and wiring is routed through its hollow arm. The Fanuc P-50i robot offers easy setup, a large work envelope, fast acceleration, and is easy to maintain. Integration of the six-axis P-50i results in minimized cycle times and lower production costs.

Several mounting options provide maximum flexibility. Floor, inverted, and wall mounting options are possible.

The P-50i R-J3handles a variety of applicators including:

Bonding and Sealing

Painting Automation