R-2000i Series


R 2000i 165F

The Fanuc R-2000i/165F is a heavy payload, high performance robot that comes equipped with the advanced R-J3iB controller. The R-2000i/165F is designed to provide a greater value through performance, maintainability, and reliability due to a 30% reduction in the number of mechanical components.  The R-2000i/165F can handle a variety of applications including spot welding,material handlingPart Transfer, and more.  

With the 165kg payload, the R-2000i/165F can conquer heavy objects at fast speeds.  The R-J3iB controller has increased speed, memory, and communication.  User programs written for the R-J3 controller can transfer over to the R-J3iB controller.


The Fanuc R-2000i/200F is a high performance robot that can handle a 200kg payload.  This R-2000i/200F robot is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from spot welding to material handling.  Equipped with the R-J3 controller, the R-2000i/200F is easy to use.  If you are looking for a reliable, high speed robot that can handle heavy payloads, the Fanuc R-2000i/200F may be just what you need.

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