M-900i Series


M 900iB 700

Built with a heavy payloads in mind, the FANUC M-900iB/700 is designed with a wrist capacity that can handle payloads up to 700kg. 

The M-900iB/700 R-30iB has a large envelope and the motion performance needed for heavy workhandling automated robotics. This enables the automated robotics system to transfer large work such as glass panels, building construction frames and construction machineries. 

The wrist has an IP67-level resistance and can withstand severe environments and conditions.  The robot uses theR-30iB controller  a controller that is 68 percent smaller than other controllers, enhancing energy savings and decreasing costs.


M 900iB 400L

The FANUC M-900iB/400L is a long reach robot with a high payload of 400kg!  The FANUC M900iB/400L comes equipped with the advanced R-30iB controller and is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from assembly to palletizing.  

This model has a wide envelope due to its 3704mm reach.  The heavy payload capacity, coupled with that long reach, allow the M900iB/400L to handle and process large parts and products, including glass panes and heavier parts, like body frame parts for vehicles.

If you are looking for a reliable robot, able to perform a variety of applications with a large payload, the FANUC M 900iB/400L R-30iB robot is a great selection.


M 900iB 360

The FANUC M-900iB/360 is a high speed robot ideal for a variety of applications, includingassemblypart transfer, and spot welding.  This 6-axis robot has a compact wrist and 360kg payload.  

The FANUC M-900iB/360 comes equipped with the R-30iB controller and can be mounted on the floor or ceiling. This mounting versatility allows manufacturers to reach parts and products from many different angles, which can be beneficial for several applications, especially weldingapplications.

If you are looking for an advanced robot to help speed up production, the FANUC M-900iB/360 R-30iB is an excellent choice.


M 900iB 280L

The FANUC M-900iB/280L is a long reach version of the M-900iB with the ability to handle up to 280kg. This M900iB/280L comes equipped with the advanced R-30iB controller and can perform a wide range of applications.  The FANUC M-900iB/280L R-30iB has a 3103mm reach and can be mounted on the floor, or upside down.  

The bread and butter of applications for the M-900iB/280L are handling heavy work pieces,palletizing in completed layers, and heavy duty spot welding. The model has a strength and stiffness, due to its high level of rigidity and supporting parallel link arm, which allows it to work with heavier parts and products.

If you are looking for a high performance robot that can handle large payloads and perform a variety of applications, the FANUC M-900iB/280L is a great choice.