M-430i Series


M 430iA 4FH

The FANUCM-430iA/4FH is a revolutionary designed robot, ideal for assemblypart transfer, and packaging applications.  The FANUC M-430iA/4FH is popular in the food handling industry, since it is approved to work not only with secondary food handling, but also primary food handling.  The M 430iA/4FH has 5 axes of motion and a 4kg payload.  

With its slim arm and compact design, the M-430iA/4FH can be mounted in various locations including floor, wall, ceiling, or at an angle, taking up minimal floorspace in your shop.


M 430iA 4F

FANUC's M-430iA/4F industrial robot allows food manufacturers and packagers an automated, safe solution to picking and packaging primary and secondary food products. The M-430iA/4F R-30iA features USDA certified grease and mechanical components and is constructed to withstand the chemicals and cleaning agents used daily in the food industry.


M 430iA 2PH

The FANUC M-430iA/2PH robot is ideal for assemblypart transfer, and packaging.  This M-430iA/2PH is certified to handle foods.  With its slim design and light weight, it can handle food products at fast and efficient speeds while taking up minimal space.  Advance today with a FANUC M-430iA/2PH robot.


The FANUC M-430iA/2P is a versatile robot designed for food and pharmaceutical industries.  The M-430iA/2P features a special coating that protects it against hot water, acid, and alkaline cleaners.  This helps prevent any contaminations by germs.  There is no grease in the wrist axis unit of the FANUC M-430iA/2p, preventing any contamination of grease on food. 

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