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Medical and pharmaceutical equipment

Manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical equipment

Manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical equipment using robotic science

Medical and pharmaceutical equipment is vital and important at all times, but in the current sensitive situation where the issue of pandemic epidemics is discussed, the production of this equipment becomes much more important.

Large companies manufacturing and producing medical equipment to increase production and efficiency and increase the quality of manufacturing and increase the accuracy of equipment must compete with each other in the use of up-to-date robotic equipment because these are the goals, to stay and increase the satisfaction of specific customers of this class. The production of medical equipment has its own standards, one of which we will discuss below.

The text of this standard has been compiled by the Research and Development Group of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment. This ISO is an international standard related to quality management system and is specific to medical devices. In order to guarantee the quality of medical equipment and medical diagnosis and AIMD, all EU regulations are in line with this standard. Countries that excel in regulating medical equipment also comply with the standard, including Japan, Canada, and the United States.


The requirements of ISO 13485 should consider the requirements for the required infrastructure. These requirements are codified to coordinate with the product and prevent product clutter and ensure regular product movement. This infrastructure includes the following:

Buildings and workspaces and related facilities

Process equipment (hardware and software)

Support services (such as transportation, communications and information systems)

Robotic medical equipment production line

Due to the increasing demand in the field of production of medical equipment with very high accuracy and excellent quality and coordination with the standards defined in this field, setting up robotic lines and using industrial robots and up-to-date robotic equipment is one of the best options to meet demand of the medical community of the country.

Launching robotic production lines for medical equipment


RobotKar Company is ready to provide any consultation and cooperation with medical equipment manufacturers in the field of equipping and installing production lines and industrial automation and mechanization of medical equipment production.