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 Robotics in the Automobile industry

All companies and factories that are producing and working in the field of supplying parts and various parts of the machine manufacturing industry, including welding, cutting, assembly, relocation, paint spraying, etc., Can use robotic production lines.  Setting up and designing robotic production lines by a specialized company is one of the most important discussions of car companies.

BMW robotic arms produce approximately 1,000 vehicles per day.

RobotKar Company is one of the well-known and leading companies in this field, which has been able to take long steps to promote the country's industry, especially the automobile robotic industry, and providing excellent services.

To internal Companies & Neighboring countries:

The automotive industry is one of the most powerful industries in different countries that have made significant progress in this field.

A wide range of organizations, factories are working in this direction and have become an integral part of modern life.

In the first step, one of the largest lucrative and of course sensitive industries in terms of customer safety & Satisfy different desires and tastes is automotive industry.

Automobile Companies In IRAN

This industry is one of the key industries in Iran and the possibility of progress and change in production is very evident.

If industries want to remain in today’s competitive market, they must be at the forefront of using modern technology.

The automotive industry is no exception to this rule and must be able to meet the demands of its customers to survive in this world of technology.

These demands can only be met through the use of modern technologies.

Modern Technologies 

Modern technology is known for major automobile industries in Iran ( with robotic arms).

Certainly, they have been dealing with the issue of robotics and the use of various types of industrial robots in various parts of production lines for many years.

Industrial robots such as spray robots, welding robots, moving robots and other robots used in various production lines.

Using the most up-to-date robotic arms and receiving excellent services to avoid stopping the production line  is one of the most important programs of car companies.

Major Iranian car companies such as Iran Khodro, Saipa, Crouse, Pars Khodro use robotics in most of their production lines and sectors, such as manufacturing car parts like exhaust pipes to ....  .

how to access this up-to-date technology

But the question is how to access this up-to-date technology with excellent services in the current sensitive situation of our country or other countries?

which company

Which company should design robotic cells for different lines so that whenever there is a need for change and repair?

 Advantages of using robotic lines in the automobile industry

One of the most important benefits of these lines is the elimination of manpower and as a result the elimination of damages caused by potential risks and also the reduction of costs imposed on companies and factories due to manpower.

Increasing production efficiency and accuracy and dramatically increasing production quality are other benefits of using robotic lines and cells.

 Designing and implementing various production lines such as press line, parts relocation, electric arc welding, steering wheel, tray under the engine and car engine door.