Smart Slider 3 Module


Arc Welding Robotsare the perfect fit for your arc welding operation. The ARC Mate robotsare sure to add value to your automated arc welding processes by increasing weld quality, decreasing manufacturing costs, and improving the quality and safety of your workplace.

Arc welding utilizes an electric arc between an electrode and a metal base using either consumable or none consumable electrodes.  A welding robot is commonly found in steel product and automobile manufacturing. 

An arc welding robot uses a process which applies intense heat to metal at a joint, causing the metal to melt and intermix.  Robot welding has several benefits, including improved weld consistency, decreased cycle times, and enhanced efficiency.

The safety advantages of switching to welding robots include reduced health hazards for your workers.  From limiting exposure to hazardous fumes to decreased risk of arc burn, arc welding robots help to save workers from a once dangerous job. 

Arc welding robots integrated into a shop will increase consistency and repeatability, which, in turn, increases the manufacturer's ROI (return on investment).