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Machining of parts

Machining of parts , Robot kar

Machining with industrial robots as a more cheaper approach in comparison with the other methods has become a popular field in many industries.


Easy converting the CAD files into the set's of coordinate in space by CAM software like CATIA has been met the needs of many industries for parts machining.

What is the machining?
For specific purposes, some parts in the field of robotics must be used in certain dimensions and sizes, because may be the basic shape of these parts is not suitable for use in robots. therefore, they must be brought to the desired size. This operation is performed in the machining department. This operation includes several different types,  which the desired part will be ready for use in any production line or special robot.

This method has been used since about the middle of the nineteenth century , Turning, boring, milling holes, shaping are the different name of this method.

Turning is used to remove excess filling and chips from parts. This process involves rotating a metal or … parts and, it’s cut by another arm.

A series of tools like four helical shear edges are used to create round holes.

Increase the diameter of a pre-made hole. Using Curved tip tool to enlarge the holes to the desired size.

Enlarge or round holes by drill. It is a kind of measuring operation.

This operation is also used to smooth and polish surfaces. A rotary tool with gently moving shear edges is used for this operation.

What is a cutting tool?
In this article, we introduced the rotary shear tool, which in this section we intend to provide more details about this tool. This tool is made of materials that should be harder than the part used by this tool. Single-point tools and multi-edge cutting tools are types of these tools.

In cutting, boring and turning lathe operations, which we discussed earlier, single-point tools are used, and in drilling and milling, multi-edge rotary tools are used.

A variety of machining methods
Electric discharge machining

Water jet



Electron beam

Laser beam


Plasma arc

One of the common machining methods is the use of CNC machine. It has made machining a far more expensive process than other methods such as robotic machining, because of Some disadvantages and limitations (CNC machine),so  robotic machining is one of the best ways for this process.

disadvantages and limitations of CNC machines

Large dimensions and thus occupy a lot of space on CNC machines


Low access level and maneuverability on the part

Move linearly

Slow moving speed


Robot  Kar
Speed, accuracy, process controllability and minimization of manpower in all industrial areas, especially high-risk jobs are among the items that must be best planned and implemented. To achieve these goals, the use of robotics is the best option & to implement this science , as the first private robotics company in Iran, RobotKar Company,  will be by your side until these goals are achieved. Contact us for more detailed information.

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