KR6(KR 6 2)The KR6-2 is typically used in arc welding applications or handling of light parts with short cycle times, a masterful mover with a fist-shaped work envelope, and is ideal for the implementation of cost-effective, space-saving system concepts.

The KUKA KR6-2 is a 6--axis industrial robot that has a mechanical weight of 235kg.

The KR6-2 has a payload of 6Kg and a 1611mm reach and a ±0.05mm repeatability

It comes equipped with a KR C2 edition2005 and KR C4 controller. The KR C2 robot controller makes programming easier with its Microsoft Windows interface.

The body comes in a standard IP65 protection rating.

Typical applications for the KR 6-2include:



Application of adhesives, sealants and preservatives


MIG/MAG welding

YAG laser beam welding

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