KR15 L6 2The KUKA KR 15 L6/2 is a 6--axis industrial robot that has a mechanical weight of 220kg.

The KR 15 L6/2 has a maximum payload of 6kg and a 1570mm reach and a ±0.1 mmrepeatability.

Due to its versatility and flexibility, the KR 15 is at home in most of the manufacturing industries. Short cycle times and high accuracy.

It comes equipped with a KR C1 and KR C2 controller. 

This robot can be mounted in various locations including floor or ceiling.

The body comes in a standard IP 64 protection rating.

Typical applications for the KR 15 L6/2 include:



Application of adhesives, sealants and preservatives

MIG/MAG welding

YAG laser beam welding

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