LBR IIWA 14 R820

LBR iiwa the collaborative robotic innovation with sensory capabilities for safety, fast teaching and simple operator control. Opens up new areas of application in the vicinity of humans that were previously off-limits for robots.

The KUKA LBR IIwa 14 R800 is 7--axis industrial robot that has a mechanical weight of 29.9kg.

The KUKA LBR IIwa 14 R800 has a payload of 14Kg, 820mm reach and ±0.15 mm repeatability.

It comes equipped with KUKA Sunrise Cabinet controller and can be mounted in various locations including floor or ceiling.

The body comes in a standard IP54 protection rating.

Typical applications for the KUKA LBR IIwa 14 R820 include:


Material Handling

Machine Loading

Machine Tending

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