R J2The FANUC R-J2 controller incorporates the most advanced and proven technology to improve total system performance while simplifying overall cell and system integration. The FANUC R-J2controller provides the optimal level of performance with any level of system requirements.


  • 32-bit main CPU and math coprocessor permit quick calculations, reduce program execution times and increase path accuracy
  • Advanced communications and networking capabilities
  • Distributed I/O option reduces cabling costs and simplifies troubleshooting
  • Fast powerup and program execution with auto resume

The RJ2 controller is attached to the robot and contains the power supply, operator controls, control circuitry, and memory that direct the operation and motion of the robot and communication with external devices. You control the robot using a teach pendant or an operator panel. Some systems contain an optional cathode ray tube/keyboard (CRT/KB) or an optional user operator panel (UOP) that provides a remote user interface to the controller.

The controller has the capability of communicating with a variety of devices. Its I/O system provides an interface between the system software through I/O signals and serial communication ports to external devices.

Remote I/O interfaces allow the controller to send signals to a remote device over a single cable. Consult your FANUC / FANUC Robotics representative for more information.

The motion system directs robot motion for all robot axes. Controller memory stores the HandlingTool software in addition to any user-defined programs and data.

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